Friday, 8 July 2016

Summer Goals

My summer officially started today, Friday, July 8th. It was slightly delayed because I had the opportunity to teach a course with fellow educators that was sponsored by the Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario (ETFO). The course was designed to help teachers transition to a Blended Classroom environment in the Junior Grades (4-6). Overall, it seemed to be well received by participants.

I am now looking at approximately 60 days before greeting my new Grade 5/6 class. Past summers have taught me that, left to my own devices, I will increasingly accomplish less. I have learned that I need to plan ahead and I must set the same S.M.A.R.T. goals I encourage my students to embrace. I need to be sure that my summer has some clear objectives that will keep me from too many late nights playing video games and/or watching television. I am also fighting a losing battle with my waistline. Although an extra ten pounds over the winter is understandable, gaining weight in temperate weather is just sad. (You can read between the lines and add "drinking beers" and "eating junk food" to my list of summer distractions.

With that in mind. Here is what I want to get done.

Beyond this, I still plan to have an awesome summer with my family and friends close to me as often as possible - with lots of beer, food, kayaking, hiking, campfires, laughs...a Mud Hero obstacle course race with my sister and, a 10 day vacation in Halifax, Charlottetown and Cape Breton to celebrate my 30th Anniversary with my wife! Perhaps I should reconsider the “A” in S.M.A.R.T. goals. These may not all be achievable - but it will be a great summer trying! I hope your summer is wonderful too.

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